The pitch by Redditor ScreteMonge is very in-depth and explains how the new skill could integrate into the existing Old School OSRS gold mechanics and the game's world. The pitch explores the new content it will bring to the game including naval combat, treasure hunts. The creator shows each feature in the game. Utilizing RuneLite, the Old School RuneScape client RuneLite, ScreteMonge has created a prototype that players can play with in the coming weeks.

This will give a clear understanding of how enjoyable the skill can be to be a part of and could lead to the skill being thought of for future implementation. In a game that is so long-running, fresh and exciting content is vital in order for the creator to keep breaking record-breaking player record-breaking records within Old School RuneScape, and Sailing is the perfect way to accomplish this. Although no clear idea for the game's new feature is known, the ScreteMonge argument is compelling that it is Sailing.

The post definitely attracted the most discerning eyes as Jagex Developer Mod Goblin stating in the thread "Insanely precise proposal. The plugin was awe-inspiring to look at as well. Amazing work by each!" Although the process of gaining feedback to develop the skill is expected to be ongoing for the coming months, there's a good chance that ideas like this could affect the direction Jagex decides to take in the development. It's imperative that the developer make the right decision, as the poll that was used to create new skills was the highest-rated in the game's history surpassing that of the Old School RuneScape Group-Ironman Mode poll.

The community has been resentful of the possibility of adding a new skill for so long it's evident that players are strongly opposed to the idea and, therefore, Jagex must take the time needed to perfect the skill and ensure that whatever new skill it decides to include is the one that's right for the game. It's a great moment to be a player of Old School RuneScape. The game is celebrating its 10th anniversary next year and festivities for the game are bound to come soon. The newest technology expected to arrive in 2023. The fans remain engaged in debates and present their own ideas on what they believe that it is.

Some players are even considering an adaptation of the popular Archaeology skill that was introduced in RuneScape 3. Whatever it is, it's sure to be a major time for this game when it begins it's second decade. A developer from the indie space is developing a brand new app for walking that is inspired by the iconic MMORPG RuneScape called WalkScape. The app for mobile devices allows players to finish quests, improve their statistics, and follow the plot of a fantasy story simply in walking.

The first version of RuneScape was launched in 2001 and is still an active player base more than two decades more. RuneScape is a major influence on RPGs and MMOs in general, and is likely to have helped a whole generation of game developers today. But, the majority of people might not think that this kind of inspiration could result in the creation of an app for walking in fantasy.

WalkScape is a new app that will be available on Android devices and an iOS version coming in the near future. The game is set in a fantasy realm known as Arenum and features three countries and a variety of locations with a surprising amount of mythology for a fitness app. Users of the RuneScape-inspired app can walk around the globe, undertake adventures, encounter random characters as they progress through the main storyline, and improve around 20 different abilities just by walking through. WalkScape will also include leaderboards, a marketplace worldwide as well as other features for the community.

The game's creator has posted a couple of screenshots on Reddit and Twitter giving a glimpse as to what the gameplay could appear to be like. The screenshots show the player moving through"the Disenchanted Forest to a city known as Kallaheim. Additionally, it shows details like the remaining steps to Level Up, Steps To Take actions to level up and the chance to win. Additionally, the WalkScape Twitter profile also displays Pixel-art sprites as well as lore regarding different countries in the game. The fitness game for mobile devices doesn't include audio or sound effects in the game however, this could change in the near future.

WalkScape is a solo project by a student of computer science who uses the name WalkScaper in Reddit. The website describes it as "30 percent of a fitness application and 70 percent an online game" and state that it's free to play when it launches. However, they're contemplating a subscription program to cover the cost of server as it gains more users. There's no information about price, however WalkScape will follow an identical monetization strategy as Old School RuneScape. Users will be able to access a lot of content at no cost, but you will have to pay a fee for a subscription to gain access to everything.

WalkScape has no set release date, but players can follow the development through Reddit, Twitter, and Discord. The developer plans to launch an open beta version of the fitness game inspired by RuneScape later in the summer. We hope that the RuneScape design will appeal to players of the classic, but still popular MMORPG.

After two years of the development process, Jagex has announced that the long-awaited RuneScape 3 Avatar Refresh update has been canceled. The development for RuneScape 3 otherwise continues as normal, with the brand new Necromancy skill scheduled to be released in 2023.

The game has not been recognized by its visuals. In fact, RuneScape 3's iconic quests and the sense of exploration led to the game becoming an extremely well-known games in the history to buy RS gold. Yet, the long period of regular updates to the visuals have caused the game to have an inconsistent aesthetic. In certain instances models from the mid 2000s and early 2010s sit next to models from the recent years, and the difference is apparent.