The new update, codenamed "Fort Forinthry" allows players to construct a strategic fort in the Wilderness starting from the initial blueprint phase OSRS gold. In addition, forts that are owned by the player will offer players an opportunity to learn the skill of construction that hasn't seen numerous major updates since its inclusion in the year 2006. The update promises a new and deep lore that focuses on evil forces from the Wilderness. It's not clear if this story is connected to the coming Necromancy skill in any way but Jagex has a track record for the skill.

In 2020. The RuneScape 3 Desperate Update for Measures was integrated with the brand new Archaeology ability, so players are waiting for the next update to check what happens if Jagex does the same thing. Jagex says that the update that is released will only be a start point. The idea is to continue to increase the size of the forts owned by the players with new buildings and projects planned to increase the fort's foundations. In the course of updating the first buildings that are available will include the Workshop as well as the Chapel as well as the Command Center, and the Town Hall.

Every building comes with different levels of advancement, which once reached unlocks new features for Forts owned by players. Alongside player-owned buildings and ports owned by players, the new forts demonstrate how crucial the player's focus is in the game and demonstrate how RuneScape 3 is one of the most engaging MMOs of the past. In spite of a myriad of changes however, many players remain to remain unsure about the game's future. With the advent of Old School RuneScape, the game is still competing against the version it was created to create a sense of nostalgia among players, which is an extremely powerful thing.

Meanwhile, Jagex is continuing to improve the ways players can to enjoy the game, opening it up to a diverse group of players. Recently, Jagex developers spoke about the possibility of the possibility of a RuneScape 3 Switch release. While no announcements have been announced on this topic since it's still possible after the game's success on its mobile versions. A former old School RuneScape participant has posted an advertisement for a possible sailing skill. The video is an initial proof of concept detailing how this skill can work with the current version of Old School RuneScape.

The first time Old School RuneScape was first launched in 2013. it was determined that the majority of features would be made available via player-generated polls. This method of involving players was adopted to prevent the outcome of RuneScape 3. which saw a lot of players leave the game after a number of updates that were popular with the community. Old School RuneScape's players initially voted to include an additional skill in the month of December 2022. 9 year after the game's original launch. Jagex has tried several times to ask for the players on a new skill over the last few years, with players consistently opposing the idea.

The pitch by Redditor ScreteMonge is very in-depth and explains how the new skill could integrate into the existing Old School RuneScape mechanics and the game's world. The pitch explores the new content it will bring to the game including naval combat, treasure hunts. The creator shows each feature in the game. Utilizing RuneLite, the Old School RuneScape client RuneLite, ScreteMonge has created a prototype that players can play with in the coming weeks.

This will give a clear understanding of how enjoyable the skill can be to be a part of and could lead to the skill being thought of for future implementation. In a game that is so long-running, fresh and exciting content is vital in order for the creator to keep breaking record-breaking player record-breaking records within Old School RuneScape, and Sailing is the perfect way to accomplish this. Although no clear idea for the game's new feature is known, the ScreteMonge argument is compelling that it is Sailing.

The post definitely attracted the most discerning eyes as Jagex Developer Mod Goblin stating in the thread "Insanely precise proposal. The plugin was awe-inspiring to look at as well. Amazing work by each!" Although the process of gaining feedback to develop the skill is expected to be ongoing for the coming months, there's a good chance that ideas like this could affect the direction Jagex decides to take in the development. It's imperative that the developer make the right decision, as the poll that was used to create new skills was the highest-rated in the game's history surpassing that of the Old School RuneScape Group-Ironman Mode poll.

The community has been resentful of the possibility of adding a new skill for so long it's evident that players are strongly opposed to the idea and, therefore, Jagex must take the time needed to perfect the skill and ensure that whatever new skill it decides to include is the one that's right for the game. It's a great moment to be a player of Old School RuneScape. The game is celebrating its 10th anniversary next year and festivities for the game are bound to come soon. The newest technology expected to arrive in 2023. The fans remain engaged in debates and present their own ideas on what they believe that it is.

Some players are even considering an adaptation of the popular Archaeology skill that was introduced in RuneScape 3. Whatever it is, it's sure to be a major time for this game when it begins it's second decade. A developer from the indie space is developing a brand new app for walking that is inspired by the iconic MMORPG RuneScape called WalkScape cheap RS gold. The app for mobile devices allows players to finish quests, improve their statistics, and follow the plot of a fantasy story simply in walking.